Anyone pursuing health and wellness should have the care that fits their needs and life. We believe that truly trauma-informed health care is accessible to everyone. We strive to bring integrated health to all.

what we do

Bring integrated healthcare and health education to into our community through partnerships with local organizations and our Mission Clinic.

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Tara at Working Class Acupuncture Portland, OR

Tara at Working Class Acupuncture Portland, OR

about tara  

I grew up in Florida, raised by a single parent. My family could not afford health insurance, and had a distrust of medical providers. Both of these issues kept us from receiving care. I started Slow Poke to bring acupuncture to people who normally would not be able to afford it, and make healthcare accessible to those who may be slow to warm to conventional care. 

I am a California State Board Licensed Acupuncturist with a focus on integrative treatment for chronic pain, addiction, trauma and women's health. 

I currently practice at the Slow Poke Mission clinic. I hold regular clinic hours with Homeless Youth Alliance, Needle Exchange at the Haight Ashbury Free Clinic and with Lava Mae at multiple locations.  

I've run acupuncture programs at various public health and social service organizations like Healthright 360, Tom Waddell, A Woman's Place, and and worked in clinical research investigating acupuncture's role in community health and social service settings at San Francisco General Hospital with UCSF's Osher Center and Edith Witt Senior Center.

I earned my Master of Social Work (MSW) at the University of Southern California, where I deepened my understanding of trauma and its effects on mental and physical health. I held clinical social work internships with UCSF and the Center for Harm Reduction Psychotherapy, where I learned from and worked alongside pioneers in the harm reduction field.

My goal as a dually licensed provider is to integrate important mind/body modalities into programming in community settings. Through comprehensive program development I hope to create an abundance of opportunities for underserved populations to access truly holistic care. 

I go everywhere with my excruciatingly adorable mini-me, Franco, who is named after the handsome actor Mr. James Franco, not the dictator.

why slow?

Health and wellness practices that take time can be the most rewarding and sustainable.

Every person has their own timeline and process of healing. 

SLOW means it's ok to be where you are. Change can be folded into your life in a way that is realistic and respects your process.