Office wellness

We come to your office in San Francisco and provide community style acupuncture to help your team manage stress. This can be done in any community or board room, office, yoga room - any setting that can comfortably hold the number of people who want to participate.  

We are a 501c3 non-profit organization, and every In-office stress management clinic that you book supports a pop-up clinic at a community organization for the underserved in San Francisco.

If you would like an in-office wellness session, please click the envelope icon at the bottom of the page to email us!

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How Does it Work?

Everyone sits in a room together. The practitioner will speak with each person individually about what is most important to address today, and set the needles. Needles generally stay in for 20 minutes. Folks can talk or sit quietly - every pop-up has it's own unique personality that develops according to the people who show up.


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What can Acupuncture do?

Research has shown regular acupuncture treatments can relieve the chief complaints of people who work in offices -  stress, depression, anxiety, headaches, carpal tunnel...and much more

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How Do i prepare?

We use NADA points (see What is Nada?) and other points on the ear, scalp, and lower arms and legs - so it's best for people to wear short sleeve shirts and pants that can comfortably roll up to the knee and elbow.